Guest post: 6 Things you should know about advertising your property online

Are you struggling to find the right tenant for your property? Waiting for the phone to ring but nobody seems interested? Well, perhaps you ought to re-evaluate your tactics. When advertising your property online, be aware that it’s not simply a case of a couple of clicks here and there. Careful thought and consideration needs to go into what you want to say about your house or flat and... Read more


Guest post: How to legally serve notice to your tenants?

For first-time landlords, having to deal with all the legal stuff can seem pretty daunting. It’s a legal minefield of forms and dead-lines and notices and obligations. But if the boring legal stuff is not done correctly, you may find that you are unable to get your property back when you want. Here we discuss the steps to legally end a tenancy in England and Wales at the end of the lease. Say... Read more

HMRC - Tax Return

Are you ready to fill in your Self Assessment?

The HMRC’s Self Assessment deadlines every year are significant dates not only for the UK’s 1.5 million landlords but the other 8.5 million people who are required to fill the form in. And the final dates for the 2013/14 Self Assessment are now looming. Those who prefer to fill in their Self-Assessment tax return using paper and pen have until midnight on the 31st October to complete it... Read more

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Guest post: The Ultimate Storage Guide for Landlords

For landlords letting a property for the first time or those who're between tenancies, preparation is key to attracting the right future tenant. Between Tenancy Refurbishments Whether the property is fully furnished or just partly equipped with the basics, you'll need to clear the decks so you have a straight run. Rent a self storage room on a short term contract (it’s possible to hire... Read more


Guest post: Decorating a rental home – A landlord’s guide

Over the coming years, the UK could see a 33% rise in the number of private rentals. Currently 16.5% of residential properties are private sector rentals. By 2020, it’s estimated that private rented property could make up to 20% of all UK homes. A recent report from Halifax found that one in five 23 to 27 year olds say they don’t want to own their own homes, they simply don’t have enough... Read more


Guest post: A Silent Killer – How At Risk UK Properties Are From Fire

It’s a sound we all dread, but one that’s still worryingly common in the UK – being woken at night by the shrill screech of a fire alarm, or even the eerie near-silent crackle of fire. It’s not a situation any homeowner or property landlord wants to be faced with as the effects can be catastrophic, with a large financial cost – as well as a potential human cost too. New statistics... Read more


New research shows Landlord’s changing attitudes to finding tenants

In July 2014, leading research company BDRC Continental, asked over a thousand Landlords from a range of sources (including Upad customers) a series of questions about their rental business. Here is a summary of the key findings: Families with children are now the most common tenant group 49% of the landlords surveyed said they let to families with children, this was 1% ahead of young... Read more


Guest post: UK House Prices – What to Expect in the Future

After years of havoc caused by the financial crisis, house prices in the UK have begun to steadily rise once again. But is this a temporary state of affairs, or will it continue in the long run? Here’s what the future holds according to Holland Park's Estate Agents Sanderson: The Current Situation Recent house prices have shown a substantial increase. In fact, the cost of homes in the UK... Read more


Guest post: Landlords insurance tips – Properties in high crime rate areas

There are a lot of consideration to be made when becoming a landlord. What class of tenants will I be targeting? How will I be placed in the market? What will I be expected to provide for the tenants? All of which are an important part of placing yourself in the best possible position to earn what you can from being a landlord. Prior to settling on a property to buy with the intention to rent,... Read more


Guest post: Tips when renovating a house

If you’ve decided to join the exciting world of house renovation, congratulations! Sure, you’ll need to hire a lot of skips, and there will be some nail-biting moments, but there’s nothing that beats the reward of a newly renovated house. Here are a few tips from a skip hire in Camden Town to help you along. Remember Your Goal Like all good challenges, keep the end in mind before you... Read more


Household Repairs a Landlord Should Be Able To Do

When you’re self-managing your rental property, knowing how to fix the most common household problems can save you a small fortune in time and money. So do you know how to wire a plug, or fix a leaking tap? How about bleeding a radiator? These are all standard household repairs that the majority of us are entirely capable of doing, yet some of us just don’t know how. This infographic from... Read more

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Guest post: Transform the top – the attic bedroom for rental

Compact, cramped and claustrophobic; the first thoughts that often come to mind when thinking of an attic bedroom. However, rejuvenating a dark and dingy attic room into a cosy and beautiful bedroom is not as difficult as you might think. Attic bedrooms work perfectly as an escape for fatigued parents, a hideaway for house guests and are especially useful for growing families. Common decorating... Read more


How to use property as a pension

We’re always been told to save for our old age, but it’s so hard for many of us to get our heads around pension plans that property is increasingly being seen as an alternative way to save for our old age. However, if you’re going to rely on property providing you with an income in retirement you need to make sure you’ve got your strategy right and that you’ve planned far enough... Read more


How, when and if to raise the rent

With so much talk in the media of rising rents (certainly in London and the southeast) you wouldn’t be alone if you were itching to ask your tenants for an increase, but you need to be wary of appearing too greedy, which might drive decent tenants away. Before you do anything, look at asking prices of similar properties in your area on rental sites like Rightmove and Zoopla to make sure that... Read more


Guest post: Parents become landlords to offset children’s Uni costs

As the academic year draws to a close, the summer holidays see both new and continuing University students investigating accommodation for the year to come. With subsidised halls the choice of first year ‘freshers’, finding their feet at Uni, students starting subsequent years often seek more independence by living with their now-established friends. Student rental prices increased 3.1% in... Read more