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Guest post: Extraordinary home designs from around the world

Designing your home from scratch allows you to have input in every aspect of the build. Starting with the design plans, right through to the actual building and completion of your property, residential architecture allows you to create a bespoke building that incorporates your lifestyle - meaning you can literally build your dream home from the ground up. We’ve brought together five of the... Read more

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Guest post: Interior Design Tips for Attracting the Perfect Tenants

How can you guarantee your property stands out from the rest, let your property quickly, find good tenants and, most importantly, get them to stay? Presentation is everything — and it doesn’t need to cost a fortune. Making the most of your property is easy with a combination of creativity and strategic use of space, and today we’re sharing some easy-to-implement interior design tips sure... Read more


Do you know about the new Legionella rules?

Legionnaires’ Disease is one of those public health threats that, in the past, has spread panic when its bacteria has entered the water or air conditioning systems of large public buildings such as hospitals and hotels. The panic has been justified. If you are unlucky enough to inhale a droplet of water infected by Legionella bacteria and it spreads to your lungs then nasty flu-like symptoms... Read more


Guest post: Saving Money by Minimising Ongoing Garden Maintenance

I used to have a problem. The house I let has a medium-sized garden, but neither I nor the last tenant had time to look after it properly. It was costing a fortune to hire a gardener, and I was highly tempted just to concrete the whole thing over, but I knew in the long run that would reduce the value of the property. Even the Royal Horticultural Society recognises the need for low-maintenance... Read more


Guest post: Importance of end of tenancy cleaning for Landlords

Whether you're an experienced landlord with a portfolio spanning hundreds properties or a first time landlord one thing you mustn't lose sight of is the importance of having your property professionally cleaned at the start of the tenancy. This type of cleaning is known as end of tenancy cleaning. In this article Roberto Garritano, Founder of Twinkle Clean explains the importance of end of... Read more


EPC’s. Just another hoop to jump through?

New legislation has brought EPCs and the Green Deal to the fore again. Upad Advertising Specialist Lucie Finan looks into this sometimes confusing subject. So, Energy Performance Certificates. Just another hoop to jump through? It can seem that way when you look at your list of legal obligations as a landlord. But the government sees it as a step towards improving energy efficiency of homes... Read more


Guest post: Deregulating the Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme – What You Need to Know

As you may already be aware, if you don’t comply with the basic rules of the Tenancy Deposit Protection scheme (TDP), you could be subject to hefty fines. But a new bill could make life a bit easier for landlords. The TDP aims to protect tenants’ deposits, making sure that landlords can return the money quickly and easily when it’s needed. Sadly, the scheme has been subject to... Read more

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Guest post: Open-Plan Living for Higher Rental Income

The whole point of buy-to-let renting is to generate as much income as possible. The best strategy in the long run is to make your property attractive to prospective tenants, allowing you to charge higher rents — an approach that benefits everyone. Open-Plan Living So what will be attractive to tenants? Owner-occupiers are increasingly turning to open-plan living, rather than the... Read more

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Guest post: Top 10 reasons for choosing quartz workshops for your kitchen

Have you ever undergone a big kitchen renovation? If yes, then you might be aware of the difficulties one can face while selecting the kitchen worktops. Now, when there are so many new materials being developed, it becomes important to decide over the material that fits your needs and budget appropriately. Your home decor tells the story about your home and certainly becomes a reflection of... Read more


Guest post: Four things to consider as a first-time Landlord

When you first become a landlord, you will discover that there is so much more to the job than simply picking up the monthly rent. It sounds easy on paper but there are lots of other factors to consider before choosing this as your sole career. With this in mind, here are four important questions and answers which will make you feel more confident with your decision making. What mortgage... Read more


Guest post: 6 reasons to stop investing in your pension and invest in your property

We all hear about how important is to invest in our futures. Auto-enrolment is being rolled out to all businesses across the country to ensure that we’re all saving into our pension funds ready for retirement. Investing in your pension may not be the best way to generate a retirement income however. Here’s 6 reasons why we feel it could be more beneficial to take your savings and invest in... Read more


Guest post: Maintaining your property throughout the seasons

It’s the New Year, time for a new start and turning over a new leaf. Many of us will be focusing on diet and fitness but what about caring for our letting properties as well as our body? When you own a property it’s vital to keep on top of maintenance tasks in order to avoid future problems and unexpected costs. After all, the last thing you need in the New Year is tenants calling you with... Read more


Guest post: Future proofing a London Property Portfolio

Letting properties in the UK's capital has probably never been so good. Even in the top-end and luxury property rental markets, which have sometimes seen real downturns in previous economic cycles, are remarkably buoyant given the country's relatively stagnant economy. Of course, the reason that there are so many people in London who are willing to pay rentals of over £1 million per year is... Read more


Guest post: How to green up your property for eco friendly tenants?

Going green Nowadays it is far better to go green to attract tenants, as they will know that they have a better deal, and you will have less to worry about as it will be more likely for them to stay. Even though green upgrades take a little investment, you will have the initial money back in no time as you will save money on bills, and your new tenants will love the fact that they do not have to... Read more