Landlord convicted of £21k benefit fraud

A Sussex landlord has been convicted of a £21k benefit fraud, after it was revealed that he had failed to declare rental income from a property he was letting out. Bab Saracouli, 43, of Barons Way, Polegate in East Sussex was found guilty of pocketing more £21,391 in council tax relief and housing benefits whilst also trousering £775 in monthly rental payments from a property he part owns... Read more


Ask Upad: Help! My tenants are really picky and phone me frequently

Q. “I’ve got new tenants and the phone hasn’t stopped ringing since they took residence three weeks ago in a one bed flat I let to them. They call about the littlest things. The bathroom tap was dripping, so they called to ask me to fix it. One of the doors on a kitchen cupboard was loose and they’ve asked for it to be repaired. One of the radiators wasn’t working properly, so I went... Read more

10 more ways to write a great rental ad

Ten more tips on writing a great rental ad. If you missed our first ten tips, here they are. 1. Prioritise info Start your ad copy with the most important facts. Some portals only show the first few hundred characters of your description initially, so make sure you start with the things that really matter. Information about the property is more important than information about the local area.... Read more

Help is on the way for SE London landlords

If you are a landlord either living or renting in South East London, then you should consider attending a special landlord’s day in Catford on the 23rd June. The event is being hosted by Greenwich Council and will be held at the Lewisham Civic Suite in Catford on Tuesday, 23 June, between 13.30 - 18.30. Experts will be available all day to provide advice on many topics, from surviving... Read more

Is being a landlord just about business?

  Okay, things aren’t great at the moment. Unemployment is on the rise and our politicians have shown themselves to be even more desperate to get their hands on our money that we ever thought possible.   However, if you are a landlord, you can be eternally thankful that you are not Christopher Browne, as this shocking story shows. He got a call from his letting agent with some dreadful... Read more