Meet the team

Even with the power of the internet, letting your property is still a people business. So we have the best team at your disposal.

James Davis

CEO and Founder

As well as running Upad, James is a landlord with over 20 properties and 16 years' experience

Carl Gascoigne

Head of Tech

Carl built Upad online and makes sure it gets a little better every day

Michael Benjamin

Marketing Director

Michael makes sure Upad is seen by as many landlords as possible

Graeme Campbell

Operations Director

Graeme is in charge of all of the processes that make Upad smooth and seamless

Jonathan Cox

Sales Team Lead

Jon makes sure our team of Account Managers keep our landlords happy, 7 days a week

Sandra Mpouma

Marketing Executive

Sandra keeps our landlords up to date with all the latest help and advice

Lucie Finan

Digital Content Executive

Lucie fills our site and social media channels with as much helpful content as possible

John Blackmore

Lead Developer

John is part of our growing IT development team

Phil Canavan

Senior Developer

Phil works with the IT team to ensure Upad runs smoothly

Dishal Unalkat

Account Manager

Dishal understands that every landlord is different and makes things as stress free as possible

Chirag Patel

Account Manager

Chirag makes sure his landlords get the best possible tenants every time

Mohammed Alsaadoun

Account Manager

Mohammed makes sure his landlords get the best possible tenants every time

George Gbadebo

Senior Account Manager

From beginners to professionals, George has a wealth of knowledge to help any landlord

Sini Chandran

Customer Care Supervisor

Sini makes everything plain sailing for our landlords, whichever service they choose from us

Kilian Skinnader

Customer Care Executive

Kilian deals with all the paperwork our landlords need to create their new tenancies

Mandeep Aujeley

Customer Care Executive

Mandeep loves speaking with our Landlords and works tirelessly to ensure she keeps everyone happy

Conor Hefferman

Referencing Executive

Conor works with tenants and landlords to get the referencing process completed

Brad Jones

Referencing Executive

Brad is dedicated to making the referencing process go smoothly every time

Dalton Butler

Digital Designer

Dalton has given the Upad brand and website a total makeover