Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

A legal requirement for all landlords

An EPC is legally required and shows tenants the energy efficiency of your property. Our assessor can be in touch within 24 hours.

£99 ( £82.50 + VAT )

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10 EPC's are valid for 10 years

Completed in 48hrs - from instruction, Upad can usually complete the process and deliver your EPC in 48 hours!

Certification - Once completed we will issue a copy of your valid Energy Performance Certificate, ensuring you are legally compliant.

Get Your Energy Performance Certificate in Just Five Steps

An Energy Performance Certificate is valid for 10 years

Step 1: Get started

Click ‘Get started’ below. You will then be prompted to enter in and confirm the property address where the EPC inspection is required.

Step 2: Checkout

Select a payment method and complete payment of £99 (£82.50 + VAT) for your Energy Performance Inspection and Certificate.

Step 3: Invoice and Tax

We will provide an invoice for your purchase of the Energy Performance Inspection and Certificate.

Step 4: EPC Inspection Conducted

Upad will instruct our local Domestic Energy Assessor to contact you to book a date for the inspection. Our assessor will be in touch within 24 hours post instruction from Upad.

Step 5: Certification

Once the EPC inspection is complete, Upad will produce an Energy Performance Certificate and add the rating to your advert- giving an accurate view on how energy efficient your property is. You will also receive a copy for your records.