Professional Property Inventories & Inventory Check In

Full inventories created by our local specialists

An inventory and schedule of condition report is a vital tool to keep your property in good condition. It sets out your expectations for the tenants.

From £120 ( £100 + VAT )

£4.5bnproperty damage caused by tenants annually

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Furnished or unfurnished:

A Professional Inventory Report

Our expert inventory specialists will create a comprehensive schedule of condition. This way, your tenants will know what the expectations are when they leave the property and avoid disputes over deposit deductions.

Property inventory services that we offer

A range of options to match your needs

Option 1: Inventory make

An inventory clerk will visit your property for the first time and create a brand new inventory, including a schedule of condition report. It will outline all aspects of the property, from walls and ceiling, to door handles and furniture.

Option 2: Inventory make & check-in

An inventory clerk will arrive at your property a couple of hours before your new tenants are due to move in. They'll create a brand new inventory and schedule of condition. Once your tenants arrive, our clerk will walk them around the property and explain the inventory to them, pointing-out the detail. Your tenant will be asked to sign the 'keys report'. Our inventory clerk can even hand over the keys so you don't need to be there. Pricing

Option 3: Check-in

If it isn't possible to know exactly when your tenants will be arriving, an inventory clerk will visit the property on a convenient second occasion to show your new tenants around and explain the inventory. The tenants will then be asked to sign the 'keys report'.

Option 4: Check out

An inventory clerk will visit the property after your tenants have left, and compare the condition of the property with the original inventory, and schedule of condition. A report will be produced for you, creating the basis for returning their deposit, or any deductions you may need to make.

Option 5: Update

If we've created your inventory for you, we can visit the property and update it after tenants have left, or at any stage during the tenancy if circumstances change, such as a renovation, or new furniture arriving.

Option 6: Interim property visit

You should always have your property inspected on a regular basis, generally every 3 months. If you can't visit yourself, we're happy to arrange a visit to check the property over for you. We'll check the property against the inventory and create a written report for you.