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  1. Create you account

    Create your account and
    add your property details.

  2. Review your information

    Our award-winning lettings executives
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  3. Edit advert

    With your online account you can
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    and keep track of your documents.

  4. Review enquiries

    The majority of your tenant enquiries
    will come within the first 48 hours
    of your advert going live, so make sure
    you're ready to receive them.

Not sure? Try us and only pay
once the tenancy contract has
been signed.

  • Professional photography to showcase your property
  • Rightmove Premium Listing
  • Bespoke tenancy agreement & deposit registration
  • Dedicated lettings executive
  • Tenancy compliance - all legal documents served to tenants before they move in

"I'm not fully confident in taking
care of the paperwork and
need help to remain compliant"

  • Bespoke tenancy agreement
  • Government - approved deposit protection scheme
  • Tenancy compliance - all legal documents served to tenants before they move in

Why choose Upad

Upad offers services for all types of landlords. We keep our landlords informed and in control when it comes to renting out their property.

Because we are online and have no expensive offices and overheads, we can pass on these savings to both landlords and tenants.

  • Your one-stop shop for letting services
  • Save on average £756 versus the High Street
  • Expert advice and support 7 days / week

We've helped over 15,000 landlords

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