Gas Safety Certificate

A legal requirement for all landlords

You'll need to arrange for a Gas safety inspection every 12 months as part of your legal responsibilities. Inspections completed in as little as 30 minutes

£99 ( £82.50 + VAT )

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£5000The fine charge for not having carried out a gas safety check

Legally compliant - Upad will send a fully qualified and registered gas safety engineer to ensure appliances meet safety standards.

Certification - Once your inspection is complete, we will send across your valid gas safety certificate and store a copy for you should you need it in the future.

Get a Gas Safety Certificate in Just 5 Steps

Remember your gas safety certificate is valid for only one year


Step 1: Get started

Click ‘Get Started’ below. You will then be prompted to enter and confirm the property address where the Gas Safety Inspection is required.


Step 2: Checkout

Select a payment method and complete payment of £99 (£82.50 + VAT) for your annual Gas Safety Inspection.


Step 3: Invoice

We will provide an invoice for your purchase of the Gas Safety Inspection and Certificate.


Step 4: Gas Safety Inspection Conducted

Upad will instruct our registered Gas Safety Engineer to contact you to book a date for the inspection. An inspection typically lasts half an hour but does depend on how many appliances your property has.


Step 5: Certification

On the back of a successful inspection Upad will issue you a Gas Safety Certificate, which is evidence you are legally compliant and that all gas appliances are safe within the property. Upad will also keep the certificate on file should you ever need it.