Rent Protection Insurance for Landlords

Safeguard your rental income

This 12 month policy includes cover for non-payment of rent up to £30,000, eviction costs and legal expenses up to £50,000.


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Monthly rent payments - rent covered up to £2500 per month

Legal expenses - up to £50,000 legal covered

Rent arrears - up to £30,000 rent arrears covered

After eviction - 50% of the rent covered for 3 months after eviction

How it works

Making a claim with Upad Rent Protection is easy

Upad: Claim received

Once a claim is received our claims department will review the claim within 7 days, and arrange for the equivalent monthly rental value to be paid to you as soon as possible.

Upad: Assessment

We will then assess the arrears situation and determine whether legal action to evict the tenant is also possible.

Upad: Legal action

Once the tenant has failed to pay 2 monthly rental payments we will typically begin legal action to evict the tenant.

Upad: Eviction

Once the tenant has been evicted and you have been granted a vacant possession, we will continue to pay 50% of the rental income for a further 3 months.

Upad: Policy transfer

If your tenancy ends before the insurance policy ends, then you can transfer the Rent Protection product to cover your new tenants (provided that they pass tenant referencing completed by Upad's referencing service.)

Upad: Upgrade

You can upgrade to a higher level of cover or include property damage or emergency cover by speaking to a member of the team.