Tenant Referencing

Our most important service for landlords

Once you have chosen your perfect tenant it’s time to make sure they are as good as they appear. This service gives you complete peace of mind that you've made the right choice (please note, this service is not available in Scotland).

£75 ( £62.50 + VAT )

(per tenant) charged to the landlord

Instruct tenant referencing

£900mthe annual cost to landlords in rent arrears

Tenant referencing gives you peace of mind you’ve chosen the right tenants

We’ll check in with your chosen applicant’s employer, previous landlord and run a credit check to make sure they’re right for your property

Comprehensive service: Including affordability and credit history checks, plus personal references from employers and previous landlords. Please note that in Scotland the referencing is charged to the landlord.

Updates: Personal communication throughout the process with prospective tenants and landlords, plus email progress updates every day.

Dedicated referencing team: To make sure every report is delivered efficiently and promptly. 90% of tenant references completed within 48 hours.

Low tenant fees: Make your property more appealing with low tenant charges versus traditional property letting agents ‘admin fees’ of hundreds of pounds.

4 simple steps

We've made it easy for you to make a confident decision about your new tenants

Landlord: Get started

You’ll be asked a few simple questions to confirm the terms you’ve agreed with your applicant, and basic information about yourself and the property. Once you have made payment for referencing, we’ll take it from there.

Tenants: Complete Application

Once payment has been made by the landlord, we’ll get in touch with your applicants to complete a form outlining their personal details including employment and previous landlord.

Upad: Tenant Referencing

Our tenant referencing team will carry out the referencing checks. We first confirm your tenant is earning 2.5 times the annual rent and then obtain written references from a confirmed employer/ accountant source. We’ll also contact the tenant’s previous landlord, to confirm rent payments were full and on time and ask anything relevant to their behaviour as tenants. We will also check the last 6 years of credit history for CCJs/ bankruptcy orders, as well as providing an individual credit score. The last 9 years of the tenant’s address history will be checked to confirm there is no bad credit.

Upad: Tenant referencing reports

Once all tenant references are in, we compile a full report, which will be emailed to you. You’ll receive a call to explain the report and help you make your final decision.

Products Terms and Conditions

Landlords are able to comprehensively reference tenants with Upad. Landlords simply pay £75 inc. VAT (per tenant) however, should the tenants fail their referencing checks or the tenants have backed out before checks have completed, landlords are able to put forward another set of tenants at no extra cost. In addition to this, should the tenant require a guarantor, we will reference them at no extra cost. For shared accommodation and HMO's, a payment of £75 is required for each tenant moving into the property. Then the same rules apply as above - if the checks are a fail or tenants backed out before completion of the checks, landlords can reference another tenant at no extra cost. Tenant referencing fees are non-refundable.

The overall Acceptable and Fair Usage Policy applies.

See Upad General Terms and Conditions.