Independent Customer Reviews

Here's what our landlords have to say about us on These are the reviews of real landlords who had a property to rent, some previously using a high street letting agents and others more familiar with online estate agents.

Published Jul 16, 2018

Great website to advertise your…

Great website to advertise your property without spending a lot on estate agents; when you can get the similar kind of tenants they would have offered?

Published Jul 10, 2018

First time I have used anything like…

First time I have used anything like this and so fast it’s been transparent and straight forward. I would definitely recommend.

Published Jul 4, 2018

Kristina Romanova at UPAD is a diamond…

Kristina Romanova at UPAD is a diamond !

As a first time client of UPAD and Landlord, she was very patient with us in going through the various difficulties in great technical detail.

I will definitely coming back in the very near future.

Thank you Kristina

Published Jul 4, 2018

I have used Upad a few times to find…

I have used Upad a few times to find suitable tenants, and the service has been brilliant.

Published Jul 1, 2018

I have used upad for several years

I have used upad for several years, and have always enjoyed a good response in a reasonable time frame. It just works, and is easy to use and roll out again and again once you have set up your first ad.

vanita suri
Published Jun 28, 2018

Great personal service from upad - thoroughly recommended .

Just wanted to say that the service provided by my account manager Kilian Skinnader was excellent
He was knowledgable and advised me promptly. So good not to be passed from pillar to post and have someone deal with me personally. Also wanted to say thanks to the photographer who also did a fab job in making my Flat look so presentable

VS from Newcastle

Published Jun 21, 2018

We use Upad every time we have a…

We use Upad every time we have a vacancy as their product works for us so efficiently and they understand what the Landlord is looking for in way of speed to fill properties and professionalism. The information and advice given through online seminars, statistics etc builds trust.

Cliff & Carolyn

Lawrence Webb
Published Jun 20, 2018

Best way to advertise on line

Excellent way to advertise rental properties and good support provided by the Upad team.

Ann Ashwll
Published Jun 18, 2018

Efficient and good service

Efficient and good service saved at least half of the cost by not going with high street agent

Mrs L Woodhouse
Published Jun 14, 2018

Very good service

Very good service, I will not use high street estate agent any more. Just price is a little higher than other online agent.