Rightmove Featured Listing

Get up to 128% more clicks

A Rightmove Featured Listing is proven also to get 40% more views on your advert. With more photos and prime time spot at the top of Rightmove for 7 days, you'll be able to let your property quicker (Rightmove RRP £500).

£150 ( £125 + VAT )

Buy a Featured Listing

It's like staying on the first page of Google!

Prime position: Your advert will be visible at the top of the listing pages for relevant searches for 7 days* from the day of activation, to ensure maximum exposure to tenants online.

More photos: Your advert will be displayed with three photos rather than the standard of two**, make sure they are top quality with professional photos.

Highlighted: The advert is highlighted and is labelled 'Featured' to really stand out.

More enquiries: Our own research has shown that an advert as a Featured Listing received 128% more clicks than when it was a standard listing.

* Please note Rightmove rotates adverts from other agents in this featured spot. This could mean your advert will not appear 100% of the time.

** Please note only one photo is shown when viewing on a mobile device.

Three simple steps


Purchase your Featured Listing as an add-on to your advertising package - UChoose, UChoose Plus or UPay On Success.


Create your advert through your dashboard and make sure you pick the best photos of your property to show as the first 3 online. Interior images work best and you should consider investing in professional photography to really make the most of your Featured Listing.


When your property advert is live, your Featured Listing will be added and you'll be able to view this online.