Frequently Asked Questions

We provide everything you need to succesfully let your property

Yes, NLA and RLA members receive a £20 discount on all property advertisements. Make sure you enter the code if you are purchasing online, or supply your membership number to your Account Manager if you are purchasing over the phone.

No, NLA offers the discount and it cannot be applied retrospectively. You can use it for all subsequent advertisements, simply enter the code given to you by the NLA or call the office and supply your NLA membership number and we can manually add this discount to your account.

Yes, you can. Just consider that it may be confusing for those searching online if they see the same property advertised multiple times. Make sure you also check the terms and conditions in your agency contract in case they don’t allow you to advertise with multiple agents.

Unfortunately, we cannot advertise on behalf of letting agents, only landlords, as this would go against our terms and conditions with Rightmove.

James Davis started Upad in 2008. Since then we have helped over 10,000 landlords find property.

Landlords switching from a high street agent usually save £1000’s in tenancy set up fees, monthly commission and renewal fees. With Upad, you are in complete control of letting your property and rather than offer an inflexible and expensive package, you pick and choose what services you need from us. You will have full support from a personal Account Manager throughout the process as well as any other additional support you may need from our ARLA qualified team available from 8am to 8pm.

For 6 years we have been solely focussed on building the best possible solution for landlords. We give you complete control over your letting experience whilst being there for any support or questions you may have. You will have a designated Account Manager as well as any of our ARLA qualified team to refer to 7 days a week. An online dashboard allows you to do everything you need to facilitate a speedy let.

Using Upad means your property gets maximum exposure allowing you to let your property faster and giving your more choice of prospective tenants. We advertise on every major property website including Rightmove, Zoopla and PrimeLocation as well as local relevant sites. This will dramatically increase the number of tenant enquiries you receive for your property.

By advertising through Upad you are giving yourself the best chance of finding the perfect tenant for you and your property. We do the same as an agent would do but at a fraction of the cost: putting your property on the largest lettings portals where we know tenants go to look for their next rental. Because you, not the agent, get to choose your tenant you will also be starting a professional relationship from day one. It’s no surprise that independent research in 2014 showed Upad landlords have 45% less arrears compared to the UK average.

Upad have advertised over 30,000 properties on behalf of private landlords.

The first step is to write your property ad using our simple form and upload some photos of your property. Then, once your listing is live, tenants will contact you to organise a viewing of your property. Once you’ve found a suitable tenant you can ask Upad to reference them. At this stage you can also stop the advert so it is no longer advertised on the portals. You might want to start thinking about organising an inventory as this point too, please contact your Account Manager for a quote.

Yes, we successfully advertise properties across the UK.

We recommend using a digital SLR camera with a wide angle lens. You can also use a smartphone if it takes good quality pictures. You need to ensure you’re showing the space well: you know your property but potential tenants can only see what you show them... Take a few different angles of each room to really represent your property in the advert. To get the best possible response to your advertising you can also use our professional photography service.

You don’t have to upload a floor plan of your property but it can be useful, particularly if your property is unfurnished, as it allows a tenant to assess the suitability of the property before arranging a viewing.

Yes, you can edit the advert on your online dashboard. You change the rent amount, photos and the property description. If you’d like to discuss any changes to your advert before you make them, call on 0333 240 1220.

The first thing to do is look at what’s available online in your area. Type in the number of beds and a search area, the first part of the postcode is the most likely search criteria for tenants. Look at your competitors considering style, location, size, décor and proximity of amenities. You can also base your price on local agents’ valuations to give you a rough idea of market rates. For further insight into market value, contact your Account Manager who will create a Best Price Guide based on similar properties in the area.

If the advert is brand new; our Approvals Team will need to check a few details first. So if, for example, the minimum word count isn’t met, or there aren’t any photos, we’ll email you so you can amend the advert.

If you’ve ordered our professional photography package; the advert will stay in ‘Pending Approval’ until we receive them.

There’s nothing wrong with advertising on Gumtree but as the website is not specific to lettings you may find that the interest you get through is less likely to lead to a viewing or tenancy.

If you’d like to use Upad’s optional referencing service, you can instruct this on your online dashboard. Go to your list of ‘Tenant Enquiries’ and click ‘Start Referencing’. You’ll need to let us know how much the rent and deposit is, the term of the tenancy and how many tenants you’d like us to reference. We’ll take it from here.

We can certainly help you write your description but we can’t write it for you! You know your property better than anyone else and therefore the best person to highlight all the features to prospective tenants. We have plenty of material available to help you with this and you can contact us if you’d like us to cast an expert eye before you set your advert live.

You can opt out of your property appearing on portals that are aimed at students or tenants with pets or tenants on DSS but you may still receive calls from prospective tenants who don’t meet these criteria. This is because the advert appears on the major lettings portals and anyone can look there. This is all part of the vetting process but to limit unsuitable enquiries state on your advert if there are any applicants that you won’t be accepting (be aware; you cannot state anything that would fall foul of the Discrimination Act).

Your property is advertised for a maximum limit of 90 days or 3 months.

If your advert receives 50 enquiries then we will pause the advert and get in contact with you. This is because we want to make sure you have time to deal with all the interest and to make sure you’ve priced the property right. If you haven’t found a tenant out of the 50 enquiries, just ring us to let us know and we will put the advert back up.

Your property advert will appear on all the major letting sites including Rightmove, Zoopla, Prime Location and PrimeLocation. The advert will also appear on our own website as well as some relevant local property and local media sites.

You will receive an email and text alert when a tenant makes an enquiry about your property through one of the lettings portals, or by ringing our tenant line. If you do not wish to receive text alerts, simply opt out on your dashboard or call us on 0333 240 1220.

In 2015, Rightmove have been required to state whether agents advertising on their site are charging any fees to tenants as part of a government initiative to make agents more transparent about fees. As such, every advert will have a hyperlink displayed stating ‘Fees Apply’. When this is clicked on, it will display all fees being charged. If you are not charging any fees, the box will display this. On all Upad adverts there is a fees section at the bottom of the Full Description which will reiterate that you are not charging any fees.

A Premium Listing is used in conjunction with an advertising package. As a Rightmove Premium Listing, your advert is displayed with a 'Premium' sticker and shows 3 photos rather than 1 which puts a spotlight on the property. You can also change the sticker to reflect a selling point such as 'Pets allowed' or 'New listing' which helps to increase click-through rate. A Rightmove Premium Listing can boost tenant interest by up to 30%. A Zoopla Premium Listing will display your property with 6 photos rather than 1 and, again, helps the advert to stand out against competitors.

With Upad you get to meet and choose your own tenants rather than leaving it to an agent. You can organise viewings for a convenient time for yourself and the prospective tenants. You may choose to organise a block viewing or ‘open house’ viewing. This is where you will invite several tenants to view the property within a given date and timeframe (i.e. Saturday between 11am-1pm) and can be a good way of securing an offer, or offers, quickly.

Yes, you or a trusted family member or friend. Upad don’t carry out any viewings so you will need to arrange for someone to let the prospective tenants in to the property to show them around.

This is completely dependent on your circumstances and is a common conundrum for landlords. If you let the property unfurnished, you may want to consider purchasing a few items should the right tenants request it. You may also want to ‘dress’ the property for photography. Adverts with photos of a furnished property often receive a better response than unfurnished from our own research. Be prepared that if you offer the flat fully furnished and suitable tenants already have their own furniture you may need to pay for storage costs.

You can change your photos by logging into your dashboard and editing the advert. You will also be able to upload additional photos, remove photos or change the order.

Rightmove do not offer a function to be able to boost an advert to the top of the listing pages. The listings are set by date added as a default but those searching online are also able to sort results by ‘Lowest Price’ and ‘Highest Price’ and Zoopla also offer ‘Most Popular’ (this will also allow you to see how many times your advert has been clicked on). If you are concerned about where your advert is appearing on the listing pages, please contact us for further advice.

Yes, you can upgrade from the Upad Standard package to our Essential or Complete packages at a later date. Please contact your personal Account Manager for more information on this.

We ensure your advertising is listed on every major property site in the UK. However, there’s no way of knowing how many enquiries you will receive. There are so many different factors that affect this such as local demand, time of year, local competition, your pricing and your photos. Ensure you maximise your enquiries by setting a competitive price and using good quality photos to showcase your property. If you need any help do call us on 0333 240 1220.

Firstly make sure you know what kind of tenants you would like and make sure your advertising and your property appeals to that type of person. Ask the right questions to vet your enquiries and weed out any timewasters then do the same at the viewings. Gut instinct is also important when choosing your tenant. Thorough referencing will ensure you’ve covered all bases.

Talk to us! You have a dedicated Account Manager as well as a Performance Manager who can review your advert and local competitors to help you attract more enquiries. You can’t always get it right first time so don’t give up - we can help.

Local market values will give you a general idea of rental price for your property but we also recommend searching the lettings portals for similar properties so you can compare style, location, size and décor and get your rent price spot on. Agency valuations can also be useful to give you a general idea of where to set your price. However, remember they will be looking to win your business and may therefore be over-optimistic in their valuations.

You can call or text them if they’ve provided a contact number, or send an email. Be proactive and don’t wait for them to get in contact with you.

We recommend advertising your property 4-6 weeks in advance of the availability date. For 3+ bed properties, or properties in more rural areas, you may want to allow for 6-8 weeks.

Upad will approve your property in 1-2 hours during office hours. If you upload a property between 8pm-8am, it will be approved in the morning (the process is not automated and we have to sleep at some point!)

Yes, for single room listings the cost is £60 (£50 + VAT) Per month and is charged on a monthly basis until your property is let. For multiple rooms available in one property, the cost is £120 (£100 + VAT) per month until let. Commercial listings cost £239 (£199.17 + VAT) until let.

If you are using our referencing service, you can instruct this online from your dashboard. If you are referencing tenants through another service (or doing it yourself) you can temporarily stop your advertising whilst you do this.

Upad’s Fully Managed package costs £599 (£499.17 + VAT) Plus £72 per month which includes advertising, professional photos and a floor plan, the paperwork and the setup fee for full property management. Thereafter there is a management fee of £72 per month.

An EPC is a legal requirement when selling, buying or letting a property. Part of the regulations is that an EPC must be displayed when a property is marketed and a free copy must be given to the successful tenants before they move in. An EPC is indicative of fuel costs for the year, so it’s important the tenant sees this before they make an offer so they can make an informed decision.

An EPC is an Energy Performance Certificate which is based on the energy efficiency of the home, to give the tenant an indication of estimated fuel costs, and CO2 impact. An EPC is valid for 10 years. An EPC must be displayed on all properties available for let within 28 days, and a copy must be given free of charge when the successful tenants move in.

Inventory costs range depending on which company you use and you are not obligated to use Upad for your inventory. You are responsible for organising an inventory as, although it is not legally required, it is strongly advised. If a deposit deduction is disputed by your tenant at the end of a tenancy the adjudicator will want to see impartial check in and check out reports which has been signed by all parties.

We collect the deposit and first month’s rent as part of our Tenant Sign-up Service. The rent payment will be processed to your bank account as soon as we receive it and no fees are deducted. The payment, depending on your bank, will clear within 3 working days into your account.

As the tenancy agreement is tailored to your specific requirements, we are unable to send out a sample copy of the AST. Because the process is all completed online, you will have plenty of time to review the contract and request additional clauses should you require this.

We cannot start the tenancy agreement before the referencing is completed as we need to be sure the tenants will pass referencing. As soon as referencing is completed, you will be sent the reports and the link to start the tenancy agreement.

A tenant’s deposit generally equates to 4 or 6 weeks of the rent amount. This deposit, minus any holding deposit you may have taken at application stage, must by law be registered in a deposit protection scheme. Upad uses TDS and the deposit monies are held in our ring-fenced client account.

A holding deposit will generally be equal to one weeks’ rent. This amount is paid by the prospective tenant at the application stage and you should give the tenant written terms and conditions as to why you are holding the money and any circumstances where the money would not be returned to them (i.e. failed references due to giving false information or the tenant deciding not to go ahead).

You can instruct referencing on your online dashboard and we will keep you up to date with the progress. The time referencing takes is very subjective as we are reliant on the tenants’ employer and previous landlord providing a reference for them. We advise allowing for 3-5 working days for referencing to be completed.

Referencing can only start when the tenant pays the referencing fee. If this is delayed you may want to give them friendly reminder (we will also be reminding them regularly). Once referencing is underway, we are reliant on the tenants’ employer and previous landlord providing the information we need.

If a tenant does not have a UK bank account then we would be unable to carry out a credit check. You can ask for the tenant to provide a UK based, home owning guarantor who we would be able to reference. You can also ask for larger upfront payment of rent in lieu of the credit check.

An affordability check (they must be earning 2.5 times the annual rent in salary, bonuses and savings), a credit check, employer reference (to confirm salary and contract details) and a previous landlord/agent check to ensure no late or missed rent payments.

We do not currently verify the tenant’s identity as part of the referencing service.

A device is the equipment that you use to access the internet like a laptop, tablet or phone.

An operating system is what powers your device like Windows 10 or Mac OSX on a laptop.

A browser is the program or app that you use to access web pages like, so for example you may use a browser such as Chrome to access

At Upad we have a responsibility to our customers, both landlord and tenants, to protect their data. Due to an increase in scams across the internet, we feel it’s important that we protect our customers from these risks.

You may have opened the link we sent you on another device or browser (don’t worry, that’s okay) but remember you need to return to the device listed above and refresh the page to access your account. If you want to access Upad from the device and browser you are reading this message on, you will need to verify this device and browser too.

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