Are Rightmove Premium and Featured Listings worth it?

Upad have teamed up with Rightmove in a series of videos sharing best practice and top tips for making the most out of your online ad.

In our next video, James speaks to Sam Mitchell, Head of Lettings at Rightmove, to find out if Rightmove Premium Listings are really worth it.

What is a Premium or Featured Listing?

Premium Listings mean that your property advert gets shown in a highlighted box and whilst it doesn’t affect the positioning on the listing pages, more photos and a sticker image means it stands out against other properties, boosting interest by up to 32%. A Featured Listing anchors your ad to the top of the search page in your area and can get twice as many enquiries as a standard listing.

How does it help?

You should consider a Featured or Premium Listing if your property is in a very competitive area with 100’s of properties available to rent in a small area. 1000’s of properties get added to Rightmove every day so it’s important your ad stands out and gets seen by tenants. It’s important to remember that these tools are not a magic wand though, you must have good quality photos and the right price.

Should I get one?

To work out if a Featured or Premium Listing would benefit you, search on Rightmove in your local area and if there’s at least 3-5 pages of property listings it may indicate that tenants will not be able to see your property. Think from a tenant’s point of view, their eye would be drawn to a bolder advert with more photos or that is kept at the top of the search page. Sam makes the comparison to googles results pages, how often do you go through the first few pages of results? Plus, ads at the top of a page or highlighted boxes will get your attention more than standard results.

If you’d like to use a Premium Listing on your advert, you can purchase from the product page and for a Featured Listing, you can call our team on 0333 240 1220.