Should you dress your rental property?

James Davis, CEO of Upad, and Sam Mitchell, Head of Lettings at Rightmove, discuss whether landlords should dress their rental property.

Upad have teamed up with Rightmove in a series of videos sharing best practice and top tips for making the most out of your online ad.

In our next video, Sam Mitchell, Head of Lettings at Rightmove, discusses with James Davis, CEO and Founder of Upad, whether landlords should be dressing their properties before advertising.

Should you dress your property?

Many landlords wonder if they should go to the effort and expense of ‘dressing’ a property for photos and viewings. Sam explains that it can be a difficult and delicate balance to get attention to your property ad. If you leave a property empty, it doesn’t show a property in its best light or give the impression of a lifestyle for tenants. He recommends that you present your property as furnished, dressed but uncluttered for best results.

Tips on dressing your property

When dressing your property, you should make sure it doesn’t look too homely or to your own personal taste as tenants won’t be able to envisage themselves living there. Tenants look for a property that looks like it could be moved in to straight away but where they could make it their own. You should make sure the property is clutter free and not personalise it, let the tenant do that.

Sam advises that the top considerations when dressing a property include high quality furniture, flooring and make sure the kitchen is presented well. Neutral throw, carpets and rugs can also add nice touches. James suggests getting a cleaner in for a few hours before photos are taken to ensure it really has the ‘wow factor’.

What not to do when dressing your property

Don’t be too quirky with your décor, your personal tastes may not be the same as a tenant’s. Avoid leaving family photos around or very specific pieces of art. Don’t leave washing up lying around or clothes on the bed!

So if you want a high calibre of tenant, you need to present a high calibre property. If you use Upad’s professional photography service, we can give you top tips on how to present your property in the best way possible.