The Difference Between Amateur and Professional Property Photography

Just how important is professional photography to finding the right tenants fast? Our statistics show the professional photos considerably increase your response rate. To prove this, we advertised the same property under separate adverts and compared them. One had the original photos taken by the landlord; the other has professional photos taken by one of our photographers. Here are the results:

Advert A (Amateur photos)

  • Live for 58 days
  • Tenant enquiries: 10
  • Enquiries per day: 0.2

Advert B (Professional photos)

  • Live for 18 days
  • Tenant enquiries: 27
  • Enquiries per day: 1.5

Advert B had 8x more enquiries per day than Advert A.

The response rate is absolutely crucial. For instance, if a property’s target rent is £1000 PCM and it goes vacant for 15 days, the lost income equates to £500 for the landlord (£33.33 per day). The landlord in our case study had a 58 day vacancy, which meant a loss of nearly £2000 in rental income.

The most important part of the advertising process is the first 48 hours (as that's when your property will be featured in email alerts) so having your property looking its best is vital. Our professional photography service costs just £99 (£82.50 + VAT) , and you get to keep the photos for future use.

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