The Upad Landlord Club: What’s Included?

Find out what's included when you become a member of the Upad Landlord Club

In 2017, we launched the Upad Landlord Club- an online resource to help landlords with everything from tax and legal advice to giving away free marketing tools. The Landlord Club is offered in two versions:

Here, we breakdown everything that's included when you sign up as a full member for just £149 per year:

Membership options


  • Legal advice helpline
  • Universal Credit helpline
  • NLA membership discount
  • Tax checklists
  • Tax advice helpline
  • Rightmove Premium Listings
  • Landlord Guides
  • Premium Webinars
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  • NEW - Rent collection by direct debit
  • Legal advice helpline
  • Universal Credit helpline
  • NLA membership discount
  • Tax checklists
  • Tax advice helpline
  • Rightmove Premium Listings
  • Landlord Guides
  • Premium Webinars
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Tax Advice helpline

You can call our free Tax Advice Helpline for help with your tax queries- whether you're looking for ways to reduce your tax bill, or would like to know your tax-deductible expenses, our expert team can offer you advice. We work with Charterhouse, a chartered accountancy firm who offer taxation and accountancy services, including Tax Advisors and Tax Specialists.

Legal Support helpline

We work with LMD Law to run our Legal Support Helpline. They are an online firm with trained legal advisors who can help you over the phone with any legal queries. Perhaps you need advice on evicting a tenant or the validity of clauses in your tenancy agreement, our expert team can help you- for free!

Universal Credit Helpline

The way Universal Credit payments work can be a confusing area for landlord and tenants alike. We work with Caridon Landlord Solutions who provide assistance to landlords with questions about Universal Credit. Even if you are just considering accepting a tenant in receipt of Universal Credit and have questions before you accept, please feel free to call for more information.

Rightmove Premium Listing

A Premium Listing on Rightmove is a handy marketing tool and has been proven to increase interest by up to 33%. As a Landlord Club member, you receive a free Rightmove Premium Listing for every advertising package you purchase with Upad. Avoid costly void periods with a free Premium Listing as a Landlord Club member!

15% off NLA membership

Upad are accredited by the National Landlords Association and offer Upad Landlord Club members an exclusive 15% off a year's membership with the NLA. The NLA offer a ton of resources and accreditation training to help landlords stay on top of legislation.

With Upad Landlord Club membership, you can gain access to the following Premium Webinars:

How does Universal Credit work?

James Davis, Upad CEO and Founder, is joined by Sherrelle Colman from Caridon Landlord Solutions in this informative Webinar explaining how Universal Credit works for landlords and tenants.

Landlord Mortgage Finance Update

James speaks to Nicholas Morrey, Mortgage Technical Specialist at John Charcol, to discuss the new mortgage measures, changes to stamp duty rates, PRA changes, interest rates and more.

Landlord Tax Update

James is joined by Raj Jiwani, Director at Charterhouse Accountants, to discuss the impact of Section 24 (the restriction of mortgage interest relief) on landlord taxes. They also discuss interest rates, allowable expenses and case studies.

Section 24 Panel Discussion

A truly informative Webinar with a host of expert speakers to discuss what Section 24, the restriction of mortgage interest relief, will mean for landlords. Speakers include:

  • James Davis, Upad CEO and Founder and a landlord of over 17 years
  • Kate Faulkner, property expert and economist
  • Martine Lees, author of 'the accidental landlord' and Sunday Times writer
  • Tom Entwistle, editor of LandlordZONE
  • Vanessa Warwick, portfolio landlord and creator of the online landlord community Property Tribes
  • Phil Dickinson, Associate Director for tax at Charterhouse Accountants
Landlord Tax: Transferring Ownership to a Spouse

Find out the pros and cons of transferring ownership of your buy-to-let properties to a spouse and whether it can save you money on your tax bill. James is joined by Raj Jiwani of Charterhouse to discuss the tax changes and a case study of transferring ownership.

Landlord Tax: Transferring Properties to a Limited Company

Is transferring your buy-to-let portfolio to a limited company the right solution to reducing your tax bill? James Davis and Raj Jiwani discuss the implications for landlords looking to set up a limited company.

The following guides are available in the Landlord Club:

100 Best Tips from Upad Landlords

Like any industry, there are always tricks of the trade. In this guide, we compile top tips from Upad landlords to help like-minded landlords.

Section 24 Landlord Guide

Find out how Section 24, the restriction of mortgage interest relief, might affect your tax bill and finances. Plus, tips on limiting its impact and comments from industry experts.

What to do If a Property Won't Let

Every landlord will face difficulties in letting a property at some point, leading to dreaded void periods. This handy guide troubleshoots a property that won't let.

UK Landlord Tax Guide

Our Landlord Tax Guide will help you understand the taxes you're likely to face as a buy-to-let landlord, ways you can minimise your tax bill and ultimately increase your profits.

The Upad Landlord Club has been created to offer landlords exactly what they need- support and advice when it comes to complicated areas such as tax and legal advice. Plus, we're always working to bring you the best offers, guides and partnerships. For just £149 per year, get unlimited access to the above resources. Sign up here if you're a Upad customer. If you're not a customer, you can still enjoy all the benefits of the Upad Landlord Club for £149 per year here.