Property Maintenance Throughout the Seasons

It’s the New Year, time for a new start and turning over a new leaf. Many of us will be focusing on diet and fitness but what about caring for our letting properties as well as our body? When you own a property it’s vital to keep on top of maintenance tasks in order to avoid future problems and unexpected costs. After all, the last thing you need in the New Year is tenants calling you with problems and issues.

We often want to put those niggling property care tasks off until later, when we should really prioritise and ensure our assets are well maintained and cared for. To help us do just that, Vibrant doors have created this fun and colourful guide called ‘Holding the Fort, a Seasonal Guide to sorting out your stuff’. It’s a lighthearted take on maintaining your home, telling you where to focus your efforts at different times of year.

Source: Vibrant Doors

In spring, why not organise a property inspection to ensure your tenants are keeping on top of the inside of the house or flat. Check the outside of your property and garden and if necessary, repair any damage that may have been caused by harsh winter weather before things get worse.

During the warmer weather in the summer months, drive by your properties and check the exterior. Arrange to complete any outdoor jobs that need attention like exterior painting, fence or patio repairs and decking care.

At the onset of autumn remind your tenants about boiler care. Make sure they are using the anti-freezing feature on their boiler is on to prevent pipes freezing in the winter weather.

During the winter and holiday period tenants might appreciate a break from their landlords, so leave them to their own festivities within reason! Schedule a check-up in the New Year to assess the interior and exterior of the property, and the whole cycle begins again…

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